I am a science reporter at BuzzFeed News

Before this, I was a staff reporter at The Boston Globe's business desk and tech blog BetaBoston. I have been a daily science+tech reporter at NBCNews.com and at Fast Company. My work has appeared online and in print at New Scientist, Scientific American, Nature News, MIT Technology Review, Spectrum News, and elsewhere. This is what my typical day looks like

The Boston Globe

She mastered the art of science photography

For two decades, photographer Felice Frankel has claimed a front-row seat to some of the biggest discoveries in science.

BetaBoston/The Boston Globe (July 2015)

Bacteria in a bottle: A way to stay clean without soap

David Whitlock’s AO+ Mist has found a small but earnest following among young urban professionals who are experimenting with nontraditional approaches to staying healthy and clean.

BetaBoston/The Boston Globe (July 2015) 

3-D simulation takes you on a walking tour of the heart

For 34 years, Dassault has developed 3-D software for engineers who build cars, airplane parts, and buildings. Moving into organs is their next step.

BetaBoston/The Boston Globe (May 2015)

At Cafe ArtScience, food is the next frontier

Boston's next culinary sensation may not be a Le Cordon Bleu-trained chef, but a Harvard scientist whose high-tech tinkering with food has produced breathable chocolates and pods of frozen yogurt wrapped in an edible skin.

The Boston Globe (October 2014)


Grove Labs has a plan to revolutionize fresh food

An indoor garden the size of a bookcase, engineered to sustain offseason produce year-round. This is the future of food dreamed up by twentysomethings Jamie Byron and Gabe Blanchet.

The Boston Globe Magazine (April 2015) 

Test-driving a gadget that changed my mood

The team behind Thync is betting big time that our nation of coffee-swilling, booze-guzzling, yoga-loving consumers won't have a problem flipping on a current to change their mood.

The Boston Globe Magazine (February 2015)

And elsewhere

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A paper test for liver damage (MIT Technology Review) 

A weekend of bio-hacking at FutureLabCamp (New Scientist)

Bactrian camel genome holds survival secrets (Nature News)

Header image credit: Albert Folch, University of Washington