I'm a news reporter at BuzzFeed News. I write about health, science, and the environment. 

Previously, I covered science and technology at The Boston Globe, and was a daily news reporter at NBCNews.com and at Fast Company. 


She mastered the art of science photography

For two decades, photographer Felice Frankel has claimed a front-row seat to some of the biggest discoveries in science. 
(July 2015)

At Cafe ArtScience, food is the next frontier

Boston's next culinary sensation may not be a Le Cordon Bleu-trained chef, but a Harvard scientist whose high-tech tinkering with food has produced breathable chocolates and pods of frozen yogurt wrapped in an edible skin. (October 2014)

Bacteria in a bottle: A way to stay clean without soap?

David Whitlock’s "AO+ Mist" has found an earnest following among young urban professionals who are experimenting with nontraditional approaches to staying healthy and clean. (July 2015)

This 3-D simulation takes you on a walking tour of the heart

For 34 years, Dassault has developed 3-D software for engineers who build cars, airplane parts, and buildings. Moving into organs is their next step. (June 2015)


Mystery rot threatens starfish on US coasts
From Orange County to Alaska, leggy echinoderms are shedding their limbs and "melting" away.
(October 2013)

Hundreds of dolphins are dying in the Atlantic  
A silent plague claims the lives of scores of bottlenose dolphins off the coast.
(August 2013)

The bird mummies of Natron
Natron is the chosen mating ground of the endangered lesser flamingo. To any other creature, it's hell on earth. 
(October 2013

It's not dead! How some worms regrow their heads
A group of flatworms that look like miniature bandaids have a peculiar superpower. 
(July 2013)